More on the Identity of Authority; UCLA; Tasers

  • Digby has an important commentary on the incident and the history of taser over-use, here and links to a disturbing “In These Times” report, here.
  • The “wall posts” at the Facebook group, “UCLA’s UCPD Brutality” follow the same pattern as the earlier YouTube thread, if slightly less vile.
  • BoingBoing has more on the incident and response by UCLA’s Chancellor, “essentially blaming the student for going to the library without his student card in his pocket.”
  • The messageboard at has just about the kind of thread you’d expect where the proprietor describes police tasering a student as “really funny”

It’s worth noting that this moment contains the possibility for genuine political debate in this country. Most political conversations are extraordinarily contrived affairs, responding not to actual events but to the months-planned PR strategies of interested parties, but every once in a while there are events that are genuinely interesting or shocking enough that people respond to them with their genuine thoughts and feelings. As we see in this case, that’s not always the most pleasant thing. But it is honest – and that’s a start.


2 Responses to More on the Identity of Authority; UCLA; Tasers

  1. Luc says:

    I was tazed twice by cops while i was stoned and on mushrooms. Supposedly they thought i was dangerous, when really they scared the shit out of me and i didn’t choose fight i chose flight. I was tazered twice, with prongs sending 50,000 volts through my body. The police could not prove i committed a single crime, i had nothing on me, i suffered multiple injuries and a hospital bill was sent to my house. This could have been avoided if the cops would stay in their cars eating doughnuts and jerking off. Whatever-todays pigs are tomarrows bacon.

  2. DJ says:

    I like what Luc said about todays Pigs being tomorrows bacon. I think we rely too much these days on the myth that the local police have our safety and best interest in mind. Just like in any job with positions of power there will be the few honest employees but there are also those who are power hungry abusers. Know your rights, exercise them and always go above the offenders ‘head’ and talk with their supervisor.

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